Smart MUG

About the product

- Innovated SmartMUG is perfectly designed to have the drinking experience.

- Crown among ceramics none china cup acts smother, thinner and more solid.

- Unique OLED HD display shows in live time your current drink temperature.

- Shows volume and daily liquid consumption.

- Well designed iCUP APP let you set up your intake plan.

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Superior Design

It is the first Smart mug with OLED screen on the handle. Ideal designed mug is very convenient to hold. Combining ceramic BoneChina tank with food-grade PC shell keeps needed temperature longer than any other cups. Perfect for Office and Home useOLED displays daily drinking consumption, current water volume, water temperature. Intelligent measuring function.Healthy ceramic tank, food-grade PC shell. Accelerated sensor distinguishes from drinking water and pouring water. Buil-in buzzer, smart reminding.

Download and install iCUP APP

iPhone users search “iCUP” in App store and Android users can login Google play to search “iCUP” to download and install. Applicable Models: iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.3 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 or above. iCUP APP Features.

APP can record your each drinking, you can check history data to know your drinking habit H

Historical Data Reset: Clear all the drinking data on the phone. If done, it will be irrevocable hydration Adjustment: If you drink water in other ways or water overflows from the cup, or used as measuring cup, the actual drinking water and APP data are inconsistent, in that case, you could increase or decrease data directly.

Five Intelligent cores

Gravity sensor - accurate to ML for precise result. Acceleration sensor- judge whether water is poured or drunk according to water velocity so as to record more precise. Intelligent control cores chip- high tech computer analyzes all data and controls sensors operation. Smart IC chip - combined with innovative calculation method can detect whether you meet daily water intake or not. Support Bluetooth 4.0 - Quaick transmition data to APP.


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