SimpliSafe Wireless Bravo

About the product

- Wireless "Do it yourself" home security system.

- Monitoring stations are ul-certified with a built in cellular connection.

- 24 hour battery backup, plus a 95dB siren.

- Covers a whole room with protection.

- Designed to detect intruders, not pets.

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Home Security. Done Right

Your home should be the safest place on earth. We want to help you protect it—the right way. We have two core principles:

- We designed SimpliSafe from the ground up. Removing complexity. Making setup a breeze. It’s an intelligent, effective home security system that is prepared for everything.

- We believe that prices should be fair and honest, and your trust should be earned not demanded. So we got rid of middlemen and long-term contracts. No nickel and diming. No hidden fees. We don’t get paid unless you are happy. That’s exactly the way it should be.

Less Markup. More Protection. No Contracts

A common misconception: the more you pay, the more you get. But the truth is you’re paying for more markup. Not more security. You shouldn't have to pay more so we can do less. We cut out the middlemen, so you get award-winning protection at fair and honest prices, with no contracts. No contracts means we don't get paid unless you're happy. It's just common sense. Like your personal security guard. The Base Station sends alarm signals to the monitoring center. It’s got a built-in cellular connection, 24 hour battery backup, plus a 95dB siren.

Twice Secured

We doubled down. Took our built-in cellular connection. Put it on the strongest networks. Then reinforced it with Wi-Fi. So your home is always secure. We’ve got 6 monitoring centers. They all protect your home. All the time. Overkill? It’s not. It means there’s no single point of failure. So a disaster can’t take down your protection. The power fails. We don’t. In a blackout, a back-up battery kicks in and protects you for a full 24 hours.

Entry Sensor

Protects your windows and doors — works with any kind of either. They’re designed to disappear, so you can blanket your home with protection and never notice. Covers a whole room with protection. Designed to detect intruders, not pets. Add a SimpliCam to any SimpliSafe system. Setup is quick, and the crystal clear video can be viewed within the SimpliSafe app anywhere in the world.


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