Sensorwake 2

About the product

- Use your 3 of your senses to wake-up in a good mood.

- An new and pleasant experience, wake-up your senses gently.

- Choose among several scents and test new fragranced mornings.

- Minute 1: the scent, minute 2: the sight , minute 3: the sound.

- 1 capsule = 30 awakenings.

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Sensorwake 2 - Sensory awakening

Wake up at last on the right foot!

The guarantee of a motivating alarm clock in less than 3 minutes! The Sensorwake 2, your new wellness companion for a stimulating awakening.

1st minute: Scented and stimulating diffusion

2nd minute: Activation of a luminous halo

3rd minute: Starting a sweet melody

What perfume to motivate you?

A scent atmosphere breakfast with an espresso or Nature with Oree des Bois? Sensorwake 2, your new wellness companion for a stimulating awakening.

Let your senses wake you up gently

The Sensorwake 2 uses a unique combination of scent, light and melody to wake you up smoothly.

Simple settings

Choose the melody, adjust the volume, start the snooze function ... set your alarm clock just for personalized mornings.

Experience a unique wake up experience

Gentle, wake up finally on the right foot!

A healthy diffusion

Respect the strictest air quality standards

Each perfume is meticulously composed to respect your environment.

Healthy diffusion of the perfume

No use of liquid, no alcohol and no heat emission.

French perfumes created by Givaudan

The perfumes are all designed in France by Givaudan, the world leader in perfumery. The sensorwake olfactory awakening 2 Wake up in a good mood with a stimulating scent, a dynamic light and a sweet melody with the Sensorwake 2 olfactory alarm clock.

Your senses will get you out of your sleep gradually, in less than two minutes. Let the magic of your favorite perfume work and give you a smile every morning!


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