Sensibo Sky

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• Air conditioner controller system; mini split wifi controller that also works with mobile and window a/c units through any wi-fi connected phone or voice aware technology.

• Use iOS and Android phones to set a/c and heating schedules, automate room temperatures through wifi thermometer monitoring—all with an easy to use app.

• Alexa air conditioner control and Echo or Google Home voice command compatible; control the smart air conditioner quickly and efficiently by speaking commands.

• Smart AC control features Climate React for setting comfortable zones based on temperature (inside and outside), humidity and time of day.


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Smart air conditioner saves energy costs by using the automatic air conditioner wifi; controls a/c and heating usage when away by sensing when nobody is home; turns climate control off and on automatically.

It's never been easier to control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime. Maximize your comfort and save energy. Sensibo is the ultimate device to make your A/C or heat pump smart.

The Sky connects to your router, and the Sensibo app installed on your smartphone replaces the dedicated remote that came with your unit. This allows you to establish schedules when you want the A/C on and off, or you can control the air conditioner from anywhere you have internet access.

There’s also geofencing support, so you can program the A/C to turn off when you leave the house and back on when you return home.The Sky will also let you control your air conditioner (or heat pump) with voice commands, by way of the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers.


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