Sengled Pulse LED

About the product

- Bluetooth speaker connects with Amazon Echo & Echo Dot.

- Install into E26 light sockets or fixtures, download the iOS/Android app.

- 13 watt (at 8 ohms) loudspeakers perform as left right stereo pair.

- Stream audio, adjust the volume and set light brightness from your iOS.

- Link up to eight (master and seven satellites) bulbs for sound everywhere.

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The Ultimate At-Home Entertaining Kit

Enjoy your smart speakable light at home. Be the master of any mood with app-controlled speaker bulbs. Simply twist the Pulse Master bulb and Satellite bulb (included) into any 5-6” recessed cans or other standard light fixture to fill the room with high-quality JBL audio and dimmable soft white light.These Bluetooth speaker bulbs are ideal for streaming background music into your kitchen, living room, or other gathering spaces; and are a fuss-free solution for hard-to-wire places such as cabins or rentals. 

Why You Want It

- Additional bulb for Pulse Starter Kit; add up to 7 Satellite bulbs on 1 Master bulb to get the same experience in any room.

- Get a rich and high-fidelity sound with stereo-channel JBL Bluetooth speakers in the perfect long-lasting LED bulbs.

- Stream music, podcasts, playlists endlessly and let you simply enjoy without the clutter of wires, cords and remote controls.         

 'Pair & Play' Installation

Easily turn any light socket into a wireless speaker by simply twisting in the bulb.

Pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled device, and hit 'Play'!

Pulse App for iOS/Android

Our app lets you adjust brightness and volume on the fly. It even lets you customize the audio channel of each bulb for stereo sound in your living spaces.       

 What's in the Box?

- Quick Start Guide & User Manual.

- Free App Download (compatible with iOS/Android).

- Sengled Pulse Starter Kit: Master and Satellite LED Bluetooth speaker bulbs.  

Play with our Sengled Pulse App

Our app lets you adjust brightness and volume on the fly. It even allows you customize the audio channel of each bulb for stereo sound in your living spaces. Pulse's warm white light is fully dimmable, perfect for setting the right mood. Pulse's LED bulb uses 80% less electricity.

Pulse bulbs are available in three striking colors - Candy Apple, Pearl White and Pewter

With Pulse, you get the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with the rich sound of a JBL speaker that you can control using your iOS or Android device. Set-up is simple. Just screw Pulse into any standard light socket or fixture and enjoy high-quality stereo sound right out of the box. No need to worry about wires, cords or remotes. 

Music Everywhere

Integrated with dual channel JBL speaker, Sengled Pulse Light Bulb Speaker creates warm and relaxing space for your every moment.   

Best of all, you can customize your Pulse system to suit your needs

A Pulse Master bulb can be paired with up to 8 Satellite bulbs allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in every room of your house. You can even add a subwoofer to your Pulse sound system using the Pulse Amp adapter (sold separately) or connect it to your TV or audio receiver using Pulse Link (sold separately).     


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