Segway Loomo

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• The Segway Loomo equipped with 1080p HD fish eye camera, it provides you vision perfection and video capture. With the over-the-air updates, the software and app will be updated automatically.

• The free Android SDK system allows developers to program their own apps.

• Equipped with the large volume battery, Loomo enables riders to experience smooth trips up to a distance of 35km.

• The following mode and the advanced computer vision from Intel RealSense enable Loomo to follow you around without bumping into road obstacles.

• Thank to the Android platform, programmers can develop any applications that they want for Loomo.

• Let’s discover new grounds together, Loomo will give you the best companionship ever!

• Large anti-slip tires allow for smooth riding on uneven roads, preventing sliding.


Best video reviews

Smooth, self-balancing ride experience across most terrains

Easily travel 22 miles in one single charge.With advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you autonomously, shoot stabilized video, and more.Lovable personality and expressions will cheer you up and impress everyone around you.

Speak, explore, interact, and experience as if you are Loomo via the Loomo app

Loomo will continuously update its software and app to include new features to impress and surprise you.For example, a simple drag-and-drop interface will be released later this summer - allowing users without programming experience to teach Loomo new tricks.

Loomo's programmable features mean the possibilities are endless!

Loomo can learn to make new facial expressions, follow specific routes while capturing video, and even check your front door when someone swings by for a visit.Directly access Loomo’s core capabilities to build on top of its mobility + AI platform. Integrated management of Loomo’s hardware, software, and algorithms.

Control the base assembly and robot head at a proper abstraction level

Attach additional hardware and physical capabilities to the robot via extension bay on the back. Build a range of playful features or practical solutions.Loomo’s capabilities were utilized at the MIT Hackathon to build innovative healthcare solutions.

For tech enthusiasts, early adopters, creators, and Segway fans – this is your go-to robot

We’ve created the only robot that you can ride, interact with, and program. Dream up a feature that hasn’t been built yet? Well develop it using our Android SDK or work with our team to make it a reality! Loomo will continuously update its software and app to include new features to impress and surprise you.

With self-balancing technology, Loomo can give you a ride to wherever you want. IPX4 rated protection to protect against all weather conditions, such as rain and mud. Speed up to 18km/h in self-balancing mode and 8km/h in following mode.


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