Seedo Auto Grow Hydroponics Device

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Take the guesswork out of growing at home when you have the Seedo Auto Grow Hydorponics Device. Looking like a mini-fridge, this system literally does all the work for you.
It comes with an app to give you laboratory precision for all of your herbs. It’s nothing short of genius. Inside are automatically adjusting LED lights that adjust their height as plants grow.
Simply put the seed inside, put information about the seed into the app, and wait. In just a few weeks, Seedo will take care of everything from water to nutrients.
In addition, you get a live video stream with the app. You can always view your plant in real-time. And, when the plant is ready, you get a notification. With Seedo, you can sit back and really chill out.


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Self-contained grow box with no prior knowledge or experience needed. Think of Seedo as the first driverless car for hydroponic growing.

Designed to simulate your specific plant's ideal natural conditions, Seedo delivers precision agriculture for bragworthy yields using minimal space.

Patent pending lighting system self-adjusts according to your plant's growth stage.

Seedo is totally hermetic featuring built-in CO2 cartridges and A/C. No more smell leaks.

Reduce the time for the creation of new plants with desired characteristics, transfer of new genes into plant like.

Taking cuttings from your favorite plants is one of the quickest - and easiest - ways to make more plants for free.


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