SecretLab Titan

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- Contains an even thicker layer of cold-cure foam to provide extreme cushioning.

- Armrests are designed to be extremely comfortable and adjustable.

- The TITAN comes packaged with an extremely comfortable head pillow.

- Perfectly balanced, aluminium wheel bases provide both impeccable stability.

- Preventing dangling feet which may reduce blood circulation to your lower body.

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Gaming isn’t exactly a super active hobby or profession

Gamers are sitting down for multiple hours each day, and if you’re going to do that you better make sure that you’re sitting comfortably and doing so in a chair that adequately supports your back and body, that’s a gaming branded chair. Everything you could possibly want out of a desk chair is featured on the Titan Softweave: the chair has a tilt and tilt locking mechanism, the backrest can recline, it has 4D adjustable armrests, a sturdy 5 point base and there’s a more than fair amount of height adjustment. Lumbar support comes built in to the chair (more on this later) and an included neck pillow finishes off the main features of the chair.

Secretlabs’ new Softweave material

The name already betrays it, but the Titan Softweave features Secretlabs’ new Softweave material, which is a lightweight and breathable blend of fabric, designed by Secretlab themselves. The chair I got for review is the Charcoal Blue version, by the way. The chair’s base is made out of a special aluminium mix, which is said to be immune to corrosion and rust, on top of being very strong. I haven’t had the chair long enough to test the first claim, but I can attest to the fact that everything about this chairs feels very sturdy and well-built. It’s a supremely well-built chair, and the Titan model will support up to 130 kilograms.

A built-in adjustable lumbar mechanism

Contributing to the overall firmness is a built-in adjustable lumbar mechanism, a knob on the side of the chair that can be cranked on-the-fly to increase or decrease the amount of lower back support. This feature has done an amazing job at reducing any lower back pain I may have had while working or gaming on my PC. You can also tilt the entire backrest way back, far enough to take a legitimate nap in the chair, which is where the included velour head pillow comes in handy.

Pretty much everything on the Titan can be tweaked or adjusted, and that even included what Secretlab calls ‘4D Armrests’. These can be pulled up and down, left to right and back and forth (for depth). My only complaints with the armrests are a) they’re a bit wobbly and b) they aren’t covered in the same comfortable Softweave fabric as the rest of the Cookies & Cream Titan. Instead, they’re composed of a sort of rugged, coated foam.


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