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• VERSATILE DESIGN - stands on its side or vertically on your desktops and shelves.

• 4G LTE CEIIUIAR BACKUP - keeps your system running even when the internet's down.

• 105DB ALARM - triggers siren loud enough to scare burglars.

• EASY CONNECTION - plug into modem or router via an ethernet cord.

• BATTERY BACKUP - keeps your system running even when the power is out.

• PAIR MULTIPLE SENSORS - easily expand your system with simply one hub.


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Brains and beauty

The Hub does so much more than just look sleek. It connects directly to your sensors across your home, capturing and analyzing information from all of your Scout devices. This is how the Hub knows when and how to alert you.

No power, no internet? No problem!

Internet or power can go down, but Scout Hub won't. Our home security device has a 4G LTE cellular chip to cover you in case your Internet goes down. If you lose power, the Hub's backup battery will kick on. Now that's a reliable security system.

Know exactly which sensor went off

Unlike other security systems that protect your home in broader "zones", the Scout Hub tells you exactly what happened and which door, window or cabinet was set off so you can make better informed decisions. Create names for each trackable sensor so you know exactly which door or window just opened.

Meet the brains of Scout

The Hub is responsible for communicating with all of your Scout sensors. It sends you relevant notifications via your smartphone or computer so you’re always connected from anywhere in the world. Every Scout system requires a Hub, but only one — whether you live in a studio apartment or a three-story house.


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