Satechi IQ Spectrum Bulb

About the product

- Control up to 10 Bulbs at once.

- Sync the Bulb to change with your music.

- 16 million different colors.

- Easy control of the Bulb with an included app.

- Lifespan of up to 25k hours.

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iQ Bulb

Customizable Bluetooth LED Lightbulb. The app-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 RGBW LED Bulb lets you control the lights from your phone, without having to get up. Choose from up to 16 million different colors to match the mood, such as soft yellow tones for calming, or a blueish-white hue for working. The app allows you to drift off into sleep with slowly dimming lights or wake up naturally with automatically increasing light in the morning.                

Easy to Install

Works like a normal bulb. Just screw into the socket and download the app.

16 Million Colors

Choose from whatever colors you can imagine - customize bulbs to fit your mood.

Set Schedules

Schedule the Bulb to turn on during the day - or, set timers to automatically turn the lights off.

Energy Efficient

With a lifespan of up to 25k hours, the iQ Bulb also uses only 10 percent of the energy of a standard light bulb.

In Disco Mode, the bulb changes color to match music and sound - perfect for parties!

Bright blue-white is useful for working or studying, warm yellow facilitates relaxation, while the different colors are a good match for holidays and celebrations, watching movies, or even as a night light. Set a timer for the bulb to turn off, or set a schedule for the bulb to turn on or off at certain times of the day, at any color. The bulb can dim and shut off as you drift off to sleep, then wake you up naturally with soft light in the morning. 

The Smart LED Light Bulbs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours and use 10% of the energy that standard light bulbs use

Turn them on and off, change the color, set the colors to Disco Mode, set them to turn off automatically, brighten and dim them without having to get up. Control up to 10 Smart LED Light Bulbs at once or individually - turn on and off, dim and brighten, change color, and timer and scheduling functions. Choose from up to 16 Million different colors - Personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors, plus different tones of white light.  


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