Sandmarc Telephoto lens

About the product

- Made from premium multi-coated glass.

- Sandmarc Telephoto 60 mm lens gives you 2x optical magnification. 

- The Telephoto lens is ideal for documenting the streets of everyday life.

- Immense height of an inner-city building, or a captivating portrait. 

- Features the world's thinnest lens case along with a clip-on.

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Superior Optics

One of the biggest challenges in making quality glass is eliminating distortion. Made from premium multi-coated and multi-element optics, the Telephoto lens captures beautiful photographs. 2x Zoom Lens for Close-up Photography.

Telephoto Lens

Dubbed the Telephoto Lens, this handy iPhone camera lens is built from premium multi-coated optics and allows for 2x optical magnification. At the core, it’s a 60 mm lens - weighing in at a modest 61 grams - and comes complete with the world’s thinnest lens case as well as a clip-on in case you’re already all set in that department. 

Photographer needs a quality

Thanks to an ever-present desire by the likes of Apple to develop professional-grade cameras as stock entities into the iPhone, amateur photography has never been more accessible. However, every photographer needs a quality lens to get the job done right. That’s where SANDMARC comes into play.

Ideal for travel

Ideal for travel, landscape, and urban photography, the Telephoto Lens could very well be the missing piece to the mobile photography puzzle. Available now for iPhone X, 8, and 7 cameras. Features the world's thinnest lens case along with a clip-on if you wish to use your own case or have no case at all. 

Item Weight

61 g


Multi-coated glass, aluminum finish
60 mm
Field of view
Outer Thread
40.6 mm
Inner Thread
17 mm
40.5 mm step-up rings
iPhone XS Max


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