RSV Smart Door Window Sensor

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The gap between The sensor body and magnet parts Within 8mm.

Install away from moist place or environment.

Download APP "Smart Life".

Connect with your Home WiFi.

Add Door sensor to your phone.

Compatible with Assistant.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT.

Easy to control the sensor by your voice.


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Easy to Set Up Window/Door Sensor:

Easy and simple alert and inform device for Window and Door, You can check up door/window states through phone anywhere. Quick to Respond Open/Close: You can receive instant message when it is touched off, With 2.4GHz WIFI connection and Smart Life APP.

Compatible with Goggle Home,Alexa,IFTTT:

Check up the state through voice with Google or Alexa, don't have to open Smart Life APP. Applied to Various of Occasion: Suitable for various kind of occasion such home,office,store,warehouse, don't have to worry about the states at all with this sensor.

RSV window / door sensor for the monitor of what interests you

Dynamic status of the Mornitor door / window / cabinet. Easy to set up a simple alert system, you do not have to worry at all. Operating temperature: 0 -40. Operating humidity: 20% -85%. Storage temperature: 0 -60. Storage humidity: 0% -90%. Type of wireless connection: 2.4GHz. Supplied by AAA1.5V* 2 battery, not included in the package.

RSV Service:

You can contact with us if you have any issue with it, we will try our best to deal with your concerns. You can feel free to return or change the Window/Door sensor if you don't satisfy with it, we also provide 6 monthes guaranty.


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