About the product

- Wide device compatibility, simple setup.

- ROVR2 VR Stainless Steel Containment Frame.

- ROVR2 Overshoes (one size fits all up to UK Size 14 shoes, EU50, US16).

- 3.5 mm jack lead which connects the ROVR2 platform to a PC or laptop.

- Good motion with almost any polygonal image that has perspective.

Best video reviews

Opens up the VR world in a more realistic fashion

No matter how immersive a VR experience is, there is almost always one thing missing: free movement that doesn’t involve a controller. The ROVR2 is a potential solution, and opens up the VR world in a more realistic and immersive fashion. It lets you move around, but your feet still stay firmly planted on the ground at all times.

Special pair of shoes 

You may have seen those crazy VR platforms where someone’s strapped into a little pod, usually clutching a gun, maniacally running around but not actually going anywhere. The concept is the same for the ROVR2, but the execution is different. You wear a special pair of shoes with a super slippery studded sole. Think of it like a reverse football boot, and you’re about right. You have grab handles, but are unsecured, and it’s much less physically tiring than actual walking.

Walking is an autonomous action

The ROVR2 dish has a subtle concave to it, and is slippery like ice. Instead of actually running on the spot, you slide your feet across the surface like a stationary skater. ROVR2 says although this movement looks weird from the outside, our brains are easily fooled into thinking we are walking, just by the motion of moving our legs in a similar fashion. We don’t really notice the difference because walking is an autonomous action, and not something we think about as we do it.

What's in the box

ROVR2 Locomotion Platform, ROVR2 Containment Frame, ROVR2 Shoes (one size fits all up to UK Size 14 shoes, EU50, US16), 3.5 mm jack lead which connects the ROVR platform to a PC or laptop.

Item Weight

25 kg 

Product Dimensions 

1 m x 1 m x 12 cm 


Steel VR containment frame
Visually appealing
 For office, boardroom, VR arcade, gym, training area, or the home
Use for people
Of 7 yrs to 80+ yrs of age


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Smart Garden

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Gaming Gadgets

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Fun Gadgets