About the product

- ROVR1 allowing you to immerse yourself in VR and erase the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, walk, run, make sharp jerks, dodging enemy attacks.

- A strong protective ring holds the player, guaranteeing the safety of the user and not restricting his movements.

- Virtual tourism takes on new shades and gives an unforgettable experience.

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Platform for walking

Wizdish ROVR1 is an omnidirectional motion platform for walking, running and other movements in virtual reality. Wizdish ROVR1 creates an extraordinary presence effect and the highest level of immersion in virtual reality. It offers great opportunities for both developers, business owners, and ordinary users.

Compatible with all virtual reality helmets

The Wizdish ROVR1 attraction is a set of a special platform, support, shoes, and also a cable, with which you can connect the platform to a personal computer. The developers of the Wizdish ROVR1 platform report that it can be compatible with all virtual reality helmets, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1, Samsung Gear VR and Pixel View. Wireless connection requires a special Bluetooth module.

Enjoy virtual running

It takes only a few seconds for the platform to catch the degree of motor activity of a person and correctly transmit data to the computer. Thus, using Wizdish ROVR1, you can enjoy virtual running, skate and snowboarding, surfing, other mobile types of sports, as well as other activities in VR.

What's in the box

ROVR Locomotion Platform, ROVR Containment Frame, ROVR Shoes (one size fits all up to UK Size 12, EU46, US13, 294mm), 3.5mm jack lead which connects the ROVR platform to a PC or laptop.

Item Weight
25 kg

Product Dimensions 

1 x 1.2 x 1 m


HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1, Samsung Gear VR и Pixel View
Wireless connection
Jack cable
3.5 mm
Special shoes
46 feet size
Virtual running, skate snowboarding, surfing, rugged outdoor sport


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