Rotolight NEO II

About the product

- Designed for portrait/location photo & video.

- Continuous LED light & high speed sync flash (1/8000th).

- Built in elinchrom skyport wireless flash receiver (200m/656ft).

- Adjustable colour temperature in continuous & flash mode.

Best video reviews

Revolutionary LED light

NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light, that combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action. CineSFX provides a suite of customizable cinematic lighting effects, such as lightning, fire, gunshot, paparazzi and TV flicke r to enhance your video production.

Unrivalled battery performance 

The longest battery life of an on camera flash ever made. NEO 2 provides 85,000 full power shots on a single set of AA batteries vs 250 of a typical speedlite, delivers outstanding colour reproduction, with a gorgeous soft light output and Rotolight’s signature catch light effect.

AccuColour LED technology

True Aperture Dimming calculates and displays F-stop for a subject at a given distance, eliminating the need for trial and error shooting, or a light meter. AccuColour LED technology ensures the NEO 2 delivers exceptional colour rendering for gorgeous skin tones (CRI:96+, TLCI 91) eliminating the need for post processing.

Item Weight

1.65 pounds (748 g)

Product Dimensions 

4.3 x 8.5 x 10.9 inches (11 x 21.6 x 27.7 cm)

Wireless Frequency Bands

2.4 GHz
Three holes for screws with 1/4 "-20 thread
6 rechargeable batteries AA batteries (NiMH, Li-ion)
Color temperature
Yes, 0 to 100% 
Refresh Rate
8000 Hz
Wireless Range
656' / 200 m


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