ROCCAT Horde Aimo

About the product

- Intelligent illumination harmonized across devices.

- Configurable multicolor lighting with multiple zones.

- Fingertip design improves key distinction, island layout resists dirt.

- Low-profile keys that prevent accidental miss-hits.

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Fully Equipped

The Horde AIMO brings a new meaning to the word extras. Its ROCCAT-pioneered Membranical keys represent the best of both worlds between membrane and mechanical. It also contains custom keys designed and engineered to enhance key distinction.

Membranical Keys

Membranical represents the perfect compromise between membrane and mechanical. Its fast midway travel actuation point provides the most precise and responsive key stroke ever, with a fast yet silent typing feel. An island layout resists dirt for refined, low-maintenance gaming. Mid-height keys with a precision fingertip design vastly improve key distinction.

Tuning Wheel And Keys

The Tuning Wheel and keys provide intuitive control for multimedia, illumination, brightness, dpi, volume and more. You can customize it completely to suit your needs. The Tuning Wheel rotates through 360° with precise, tactile steps, providing on-the-flycommand power. It is also fully compatible with Windows 10 Dial functionality, making the Horde AIMO the first keyboard with this feature.

AIMO Illumination

AIMO is the vivid illumination eco-system from ROCCAT. Its functionality grows exponentially based on the number of AIMO-enabled devices connected. It reacts organically to your computing behavior, providing a completely fluid, next-gen experience. AIMO eliminates the need for configuration and presents a state-of-the-art lighting right out of the box.

Quick-Fire Macro Keys

Five macro keys are perfectly placed next to the main key zone for rapid and intuitive execution. The lower height makes it easy to identify the keys with your fingers and prevents accidental miss-hits. Macros are actuated even faster than the main keys, for quick-fire control. 

Improved Anti-Ghosting

ROCCAT engineers developed an advanced algorithm that improves the key-mapping technology. It provides an anti-ghosting solution like none before it. Now you can press as many keys as you want in the gaming key area and every single key stroke will be registered. No matter how many actions you can perform per minute, the Horde AIMO can keep up.


Swarm covers you for all relevant gaming platforms and devices. It’s the next-gen system that works as a unified driver suite with an overview of all your ROCCAT devices and games. Say goodbye to multiple tray icons – with Swarm you have a gaming command HQ for every weapon in your arsenal.

Item Weight

2 pounds (1100 g)

Product Dimensions 

9 x 21 x 1.75 inches (22.9 x 53.3 x 4.4 cm)


512 kB
Polling rate
1000 Hz 
Macro keys
1.2 mm actuation point 
LED driver
256 steps PWM control
Six-zone with 12 RGB LEDs
Wheel encoder 
20 steps
USB cable
 1.8 m braided 
System requirements
USB 2.0 Port, Internet connection for driver installation
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8


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Smart Garden

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Pet Gadgets

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