Rheo Knee XC

About the product

- Supports rehabilitation and increased mobility.

- Auto adaptive real-time stance and swing control.

- Dependable and easy swing initiation on all surfaces.

- Automatic stumble recovery, manual extension lock.

- Weatherproof design allows exposure to fresh water splashes.

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Rheo Knee XC

The Rheo Knee XC is a microprocessor-controlled knee designed to support patients from early rehabilitation to full recovery with its effortless, intuitive, and stable functionality. It builds on reliable and clinically proven technology, delivering outstanding user outcome.

Accompanying Össur Logic app for iOS devices 

Simple practitioner setup and adjustment, and printable user activity reports. Functional training exercises for improved user confidence. Selection of user preferences and monitoring of step count and battery charge level. 

Smooth transition to run

From the transition from walking to light jogging during rehabilitation to trouble-free running in many everyday situations. From training a range of motion on a stationary bike during rehabilitation to cycling for movement and / or physical activity. From simple walking at the handrail during rehabilitation to smooth walking in real terrain. From strengthening the extensors of the hip joint of a sick limb during rehabilitation to climbing stairs step by step.

Össur Logic

Rheo Knee XC come with Össur Logic software, which enables professionals to adjust easily the functionality for each user and access valuable activity reports. In addition to checking knee status and battery charge level, the new, enhanced user mode offers access to a specially designed training program. Software is available for iOS devices (iOS 9.3 or later), and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Helps amputees walk with ease and comfort

Rheo Knee XC is a prosthetic knee joint that helps amputees walk with ease and comfort. This latest design improves upon its predecessor in terms of strength and aesthetic design. Designed with a range of users in mind, the new exterior is sleek and modern. Through clever technical engineering and rigorous testing, the casing is water- and weatherproof, easy to wear and reliable. KD integrated Bluetooth software monitors use and links up with Ossur’s app, enhancing user functionality.

What is in the Box

Microprocessor-controlled knee, quick start guide, universal USB charging cablewarranty card.


Item Weight

1.61 kg (3.56 lbs)
Amputation Level
Transfemoral, knee disarticulation
Aluminum Frame Construction
Build Height
236 mm (9 1/4")
Knee Flexion
Impact Level 
Low to High
Max Patient Weight
136 kg / 300 lbs


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