RevoNext QT5

About the product

- Includes a balanced armature with a dynamic driver. 

- Deliver hi-fi quality sound with deep bass and clear & delicate treble.

- Made to endure, this sleek metal design ensures superior protection. 

- Exceptional noise isolating design and the silicone earbuds.

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Revolution and Next

RevoNext is the combination of two words 'Revolution' and 'Next', which exemplifies work for continuous innovation in sound experiences. Audio specialist RevoNext was established in 2015 by experienced audio engineers, each with over fifteen years of experience in the sector. 

Dual Drivers

RevoNext QT5 In-Ear Headphones includes a balanced armature with a dynamic driver. Not only do they have a sleek and unique design, but they also deliver superior hi-fi quality sound with deep bass and clear & delicate high treble, bringing you an auditory shock.

Ergonomic Design

Designed to naturally fit the ear canal, this patented design is comfortable to wear and will stay in with ease. Ergonomic design was made with these philosophies in mind in order to ensure the best possible user experience.

Use the proper eartips 

Like most IEMs, the QT5 comes with large, medium, and small interchangeable silicone eartips. For the best sound quality from any in-ear monitors, it's critical to use the proper eartips so that your ear canal is sealed as much as possible. 

Item Weight

32 grams (1.1 ounces)
3.5 mm plug
Frequency range
 20 Hz to 40 kHz
105 dB/W/m
 22 ohms
105 dB
Cable length
1.25 M


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