Remax Laptop Cooling Stand

About the product

- Exquisite appearance, rigorous work.

- Strong and durable, light and thin material.

- The new adsorption gel is durable

- Gel repeated dismantling, leaves no residue.

- Effectively corrects sitting posture.

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Stylish design and perfect craftsmanship

This notebook cooling bracket is an ergonomic heat sink and high bracket. It is simple but not simple, stylish design and perfect craftsmanship. The surface of the bracket tray is adhered to the high-tech German engineering gel adhesive technology.

Prolonging the service life notebook

The principle of heat dissipation is: padding the notebook, increasing the air circulation, improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the metal casing at the bottom of the notebook, effectively reducing the aging of the original parts inside the notebook and prolonging the service life of the product.  

Product advantages 

Ergonomic design principles, reduce back, neck and eye fatigue, and actively prevent the occurrence of cervical occupational diseases, buy not only a notebook cooling rack, but also reflect your taste and high-end atmosphere.

What is in Box

1x Remax RT-W02 Laptop Cooling Stand, cooling Bracket.

Product weigh
20 grams
45 x 56 x 4 mm
ASS + PC material
Applicable models
13-15 inch laptop
Durable, multiple
Equalizes cervical vertebrae, anti-myopia


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