Predator Thronos

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• With a 3 x 27 inch screen display, it's just right for pampering its users.

• The PC included in it is designed to make the playing experience even more interesting.

• Chairs with comfort levels that resemble chairs on first-class flights, with the shape that houses the wearer.

• The position of the chair that can be adjusted by the remote control up to 140 °.

• The sound of the game that echoes to the back of the player, make yourself washed away in the game.

• Haptic feedback is presented to the players through a sound boom on the chair. The greater the sound of the game, the more intense the vibration!


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The saying goes: out with the old, in with the new

For the custom-engineered Thronos, this means putting you in action: right in the motorized cockpit. So take a seat, enjoy some in-face gaming and immersion in the cozy confines of its mechanized cocoon-like cabin. Your Thronos awaits. Use the Control Pad to lower Scorpion Arch and usher you to an all-consuming panoramic view.

Three curved Predator fast dish displays, fluid frames that envelop you with their embrace peripherals. Total command over how you play is yours via the Control Pad. This includes Zero-G recline, complete ergonomic integration and your peripheral-bearing keyboard tray.

Reclinable up to 140 °, the Predator Thronos is ready for lift off

Thronos defines itself with cold, black metal shaped into a hardened exterior. Iconic cutouts along the entire body allow RGB RGB to usher forth, lighting up the darkened shell of the machine. The goliath of gaming chairs integrates only the best of Predator hardware in a single, centralized Nexus.

All, completely optimized for the best experience possible. Ori Orion desktops deliver extreme performance with the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics. May your gaming will be godlike and tear-free. At IFA 2018 in Berlin last August, ACER introduced its newest gaming chair, the ACER Predator Thronos.

This product was developed by the ACER sub-gaming division namely Predator

But in contrast to gaming chairs in general, ACER Predator Thronos has many special features that support the comfort of playing the game for its users. The good news is, ACER also brought this spectacular gaming chair into Indonesia. There are 2 price variants offered by ACER, namely the price package of 199 million rupiah and a package price of 299 million rupiah. This gaming chair has 3 27-inch monitor screens, paired horizontally and slightly curved in front of the eyes so that users have a broad view while playing games.

In addition, the height of the monitor can be adjusted with the control arch on the left side

This 1.5 meter high gaming chair can also give a vibrating effect so that users can share the sensation of the force feedback effect in accordance with the conditions that occur in the game. The power of vibration can be adjusted, and can also be deactivated.

In addition, the slope of this gaming chair can also be adjusted, so that users can play games with a better perspective. What distinguishes these two packages is just the PC, while the monitor and the others remain the same. At long last, fulfill the dream of becoming an astronaut and blasting off into space.


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