Portable ECG WIWE

About the product

- Measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

- Measure heart rate, count calories, etc.

- Use the functions of the built-in pedometer.

- Free WIWE application from the App Store or Google Play. 

- WIWE diagnoses user health and records single-channel ECGs.

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Portable and compact ECG device to guard your health

WIWE White is a small and compact portable device with a built-in single-channel ECG. WIWE White works in conjunction with an application that installs on your mobile device. When performing diagnostics, WIWE uses a unique algorithm that analyzes the properties of the obtained ECG data to calculate whether there is a risk of a sudden heart attack or stroke. The amazing accuracy of WIWE forecasts is about 98 percent.

WIWE Compatibility

WIWE is compatible with mobile devices that run on iOS 8.1+ and Android 5.0+ and support Bluetooth wireless technology version 4.0. To get started with the device, you first need to download the free WIWE application from the App Store or Google Play. Then launch the installed application and follow its instructions exactly.

How it works

WIWE diagnoses user health and records single-channel electrocardiograms (ECGs). Recording takes only 60 seconds. Information is analyzed in the application. The application provides an assessment of the state of health, in case of risks, to warn a person and suggest taking the necessary measures. 

Simple and clear

In this case, the readings on the smartphone screen are presented in a form understandable to the average person. Even a very elderly user does not need to see a doctor to evaluate his current condition. Using the WIWE application, diagnostic results can be sent to a doctor, family or any other person caring for the patient electronically.

Convenient and miniature

The WIWE device has a fairly convenient shape and size. In the device the size of a small card with a thickness of 3-4 mm there are several built-in sensors. It is convenient to carry a miniature “card” in a bag, pocket or even a purse so that it is always at hand. The WIWE app shows the recorded ECG wave. Additionally, the application can detect fluctuations in heart rate and, in severe cases, atrial fibrillation (AF), which is indicated by ventricular heterogeneity (VH).

What is in the Box

WIWE, documentation, USB connecting and charging cable, user manual.

Item Weight

40 g

Product Dimensions 

87.50 x 54.7 x 5.9 mm
Accuracy and Measurement Range
Heart rate: 30 - 240 uvm ± 2 uvm
iOS 8.1+ and Android 5.0+
Bluetooth support
Bluetooth 4.0
Heart rate measurement, Blood oxygen level measurement, Calorie counting, Step counting, ECG


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