Polar OH1

About the product

- High quality 6-LED optical heart rate solution.

- Bluetooth and ANT+, built-in memory.

- Long battery life, water resistant up to 30 m.

- Polar OH1 is easy to put on and take off anytime, anywhere.

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Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1 is a compact and versatile optical heart rate sensor that measures heart rate from your arm or temple. It's a great alternative to chest straps. With Polar OH1, nothing stands between you and your goals.

Connection options to suit all needs

Thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+, Polar OH1 streams heart rate to Polar and other sports watches, smart watches, bike computers and compatible apps as well as gym equipment.

Train without watch or phone

Polar OH1 has a built-in memory for up to 200 hours of training. After training you can sync your workouts easily to Polar Flow via the Polar Beat app.

Snug against your temple

The Polar OH1 + product package includes a swimming goggle strap clip for easy and comfortable use in the pool.

Comfortable and convenient

Polar OH1 is easy to put on and take off anytime, anywhere. You can wear it on your upper or lower arm.

Train with apps

Polar OH1 works seamlessly with Polar Beat, Polar's free fitness and training app. Polar OH1 is also compatible with many popular fitness apps on both iOS and Android phones, such as Strava and Nike.

Item Weight 
Sensor 5 g, armband 12 g, clip 3,5 g
Product Dimension   
Height 9.5 mm, diameter: 29.85 mm
Plastic, soft textile 
iOS & Android 
Display type
6 LED 
Wearable Device Department
Women, Men
45 mAh lithium polymer

Battery Life

12 hours of training

Charge type

Sports Electronics Feature
Heart rate monitor, water resistant


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