Polar A370 Fitness Tracker

About the product

- Speed and distance, straight from the wrist. 

- Keep track of the calories you’ve burned.

- Polar’s advanced sleep tracking technology.

- Wrist-based heart rate training. 

- Join forces with your phone to get all the data you need.

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Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitoring

Offering personalized activity and exercise guidance, this waterproof fitness tracker integrates continuous heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, and phone-assisted GPS. It’s your all day companion, now even more versatile.


Life on the Pulse

Your ultimate training buddy and keen supporter of an active lifestyle outside the gym too, Polar A370 helps you train at the right intensity and reminds you to get up and move if you stay put for too long.


Get to Know Your Heart

Tracking your activity is more than just counting steps. Polar A370’s wrist-based heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate 24/7, giving you a more accurate look at your daily activity and calories burned.


Sleep Tight With Polar Sleep Plus

The key to reaching any fitness goal is to exercise at the right intensity. Polar’s advanced Sleep Plus sleep analysis makes you an expert on your own sleep and helps you towards a more balanced lifestyle.


Speed and Distance From Wrist

When you run on the treadmill, Polar A370 tracks your speed and distance from your wrist movements. It does that outdoors as well so you don't need to carry your phone with you on your runs.


Get Connected

When you don’t have time to check your phone, Polar A370’s phone notifications keep you in the loop.


Polar Flow – the Home of Your Data

Track your activity, analyse your progress and achieve more with Polar Flow – the complete fitness and training platform available on desktop and mobile. You can also automatically sync your training data to other services such as MyFitnessPal or Endomondo.


Activity & Sleep

Track your daily activity and sleep, see your daily, weekly and monthly summaries and learn about the health benefits of your daily choices.

Item Weight 
31.7g (S), 37.3g (M/L) 
Product Dimension
23.5 × 13.5 mm
Silicone, Plastic
Android, iOS, Windows, OS X
Moisture protection
Water-Resistant (WR 30)
Charging time
2 hours
LCD touch screen
Battery Life
4 days


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