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With its smart lighting and the patent pending auto watering system, Plantone is a one product solution for anyone to easily grow herbs and flowers indoors.
Plantone Diversity provides the light that is essential for growing your plants. Better light means better photosynthesis, which leads to faster growth and healthy plants.
The Plantone mobile app lets you create custom light schedules and adjust the lights remotely.
The light tower is retractable, compact and space saving. There are no extra parts or extensions to keep around.
The single button on the top lets you control the intensity of the light and switch between different light cycles. There are 3 preset cycles by default: Long-day (18h light & 6h night), Short-day (8h day & 16h night), Day-natural (12h day & 12h night)
Plantone Diversity is equipped with broad wavelength LED lights which produce a balance of cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum. They’re excellent for seedlings as well as houseplants, culinary herbs, and other plants. Our specialized LEDs enhance photosynthesis and ensure peak growth.
LED lights use half the electricity and last five times longer than regular fluorescent bulbs. They, produce less heat, and most importantly, are mercury-free. It will add only a couple of cents a month to your electric bill.
High CRI rating makes the lights more suitable for the living environment and doesn’t strain human eyes, It is completely safe with your pets around as well.


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Plantone Diversity comes with five auto-pots, which have indipendent adjustments for different types of plants.  By adjusting the intensity of water for each auto-pot, you can grow five different species at the same time. Enclosed water tank design prevents unwanted evaporation and keeps water in the reservoir. This helps Plantone to use 85% less water compared to regular pots.

A full tank provides 30 days of water to your plants, but if you are going to be away for a while, you can overfill the tank for up to an extra 30 days. With the Plantone mobile app you can adjust the lights remotely and create custom light schedules. There is no limit on these light cycles, for example, it can be 17h day & 7h night to total 24 hours or 3h day & 1h night. You can experiment with growing plants!

All light schedules are stored in the integrated microprocessor so even if there is a power outage you won’t lose any settings. Plantone Diversity is equipped with a sensor package including temperature, humidity, light level (photodiode) and air quality (co2 sensor is only available with the premium pack). It also has and intergraded WiFi and Bluetooth chip as well as an internal real time clock to keep time for your custom light schedules.


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