PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport, Fitness Tracker

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• Punch count: EVERLAST & PIQ tracks each type of punch thrown, giving you a detailed breakdown of punch count by type for all your workouts : shadow boxing, bag, mitt training and sparring. • Punch analysis: for each type of punch thrown, EVERLAST & PIQ breaks down the stats showing speed, impact and reaction time. • Cardio Boxing: EVERLAST & PIQ is not only great for fighters, but will track and show calories burned during a cardio workout. • Right or left: the PIQ robot blue works on either hand, switch hands between workouts, or buy a 2nd EVERLAST & PIQ and monitor both hands at the same time.

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With PIQ ROBOT Blue you can learn details about your punch technique, and find ways to improve. See a detailed dashboard with your performance logged daily, weekly or monthly. Our intelligent system knows exactly how much power and speed went into each punch.

Everlast and PIQ have teamed up to deliver the most advanced boxing sensor system, PIQ ROBOT Blue. With its intelligent power, start improving your punches with real-time actionable information. PIQ will guide you to victory by pointing out your Winning Factors and areas for improvement!


Our sensor is shock resistant, waterproof, lightweight and ultra thin. Simply strap the sensor to wrist strap and start tracking data right away. Compare your performance round after round or day by day. Share your data with your coach and create targeted training plans. PIQ can tell you. It measures your speed of punch, your G-force at impact, and your retraction time for all your punch types.


Get a detailed view of punch count and type for each session. With a second Everlast and PIQ track both hands and enhance your match analysis, training and improve faster!Just how do you measure up to your friends and online community? Find out by sharing your Winning Factors online, and watch as you climb in the rankings!


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