Pip Stress Sensor

About the product

- Pip is a Stress Sensor that acts as a pathway to relaxing, focusing.

- Take a guided meditation journey with the Clarity app.

- The Pip measures and visualizes your stress levels in real time.

- Provides in app guidance to train you to summon a state of calm.

- Cloud account so you can understand and manage stress better.

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PIP is a stress management device

PIP is a stress management device that trains you to better manage stress. It allows you to see your stress levels, by visualising what you are feeling, as you are feeling it. Combined with feedback and training provided in our Apps, PIP will train you not only how to recognize stress but how to manage stress, be calmer and unlock a more relaxed and mindful state of living in your day to day life.  Regular practice with the PIP will help you understand how your body responds to stress so when you're faced with a stressful situation you have the right tools to manage it.

Lead a Happier, Healthier Life

Today, the PIP is used by thousands of people to help them visualise, understand and manage their stress responses, and achieve a healthy mental state through short, frequent sessions with their PIP device. When we developed the PIP, we asked ourselves ‘Why is so little technology aimed at helping people to relax and improve their mental fitness? And ‘Why not combine a fun, handheld stress sensor with the most immersive, imaginative mobile apps possible?’ That’s why we come to work. And that’s why thousands of PIP users are getting on top of their stress, and getting more out of their lives.

How Pip Works

The PIP trains you to learn to better manage stress by measuring and showing you your body's response to stress. Hold the PIP between your fingertips, it detects electrodermal activity (EDA), accurately determining if your body's relaxing or stressing.

This data feeds into our Apps where it controls your in-App progress. The more you relax, the better you progress. The Apps respond to your changing stress levels, using both audio and visual feedback. By visualizing your changing stress levels, you can try different techniques to control it. This is called biofeedback - an effective technique to manage stress.

Relax & Race

Ready, Steady, Go! Relax & Race is a race against stress where you can win only by calming your mind. Relax & Race sees two characters race to the finish line, with your stress levels determining your speed in the race – the more you relax, the faster you go. Using PIP takes only 5 minutes and is an enjoyable way to de-stress and refocus at home, in the office, or on the go.

Securely Synced to the Cloud

All PIP's Apps sync with My PIP: your cloud platform for better living, which provides deeper insights into your stress, performance and progress across our apps through easy to read charts and graphs. Making sure you stay motivated learning to control your reaction to stress. Seeing really is believing. Practice every day with the Pip and you will see yourself change. By learning to retrain your attention and emotions for the better, you can control your reaction to stressful situations, leading to a richer, fuller life.


Clarity is an audio app that makes meditation simple. Using short relaxation exercises, Clarity will help you improve your focus and bring some calm into your busy life. Choose between guided and un-guided exercises and a selection of soundscapes, including a rainy day, a beach and an urban park.

Use your powers of relaxation to transform landscapes. Soothing imagery and music combine to dissolve tension and ease stress away. As you de-stress, the landscape responds to reflect your inner calmness – cold, snowy winter turns into bright, sunny summer; starry night skies transform into radiant dawn.


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