Phrozen Transform LCD

About the product

- Most powerful optical system on the LCD 3D printer market.

- Light source to enhance LED penetration through the LCD panel.

- Widely adopted in dentistry, jewelry design, and miniature design.

- Transcends the common configuration of a single linear rail.

- Dual linear rails ensure precision, straight horizontal orientation during printing.

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Print designs larger than life with the Phrozen Transform LCD 3D Printer

Featuring a massive and ultra stable 40cm Z-axis, this 3D printer lets you print big. In addition to this large build area, the Transform 3D Printer also features a changeable panel design. You can choose a single 13.3-inch panel or go for two 5.5-inch panels. The dual-panel designs offers twice the efficiency of the 13.3-inch, working at 47-micron XY resolution. Switching between the two panel opens also takes just 30 seconds. Complete with a ParaLED optical engine, Transform offers uniform exposure for 95% of the surface area.

The system lets you print wirelessly to fit in seamlessly with your workflow

Likewise, it works with a variety of reins so your prints are as versatile as you need. Even with that massive volume, the Phrozen Transform has a 76µm XY resolution. It uses an interesting ParaLED Optical Engine for the LCD, which is advertised as guaranteeing a uniform exposure over 95% of the printing surface area, while also decreasing exposure times. Phrozen Transform can be used with proprietary resins, or with resin from 3rd parties.


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