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- The maximum speed depends on the individual user.

- Phoenix can walk for 4 hours continuously or 8 hours intermittently.

- Adjustable, can be easily configured to fit individual conditions.

- Interface makes it easy for users to control standing up, sitting down, walking.

- Phoenix can comfortably be worn while seated in a wheelchair.

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Being developed by SuitX, formerly US Bionics

PhoeniX is a lower body powered hip exoskeleton designed to assist people with mobility impairments.The company was created by Professor Homayoon Kazerooni, who is also one of the founders of Ekso Bionics. The PhoeniX is especially engineering to be inexpensive and accessible.  It is currently undergoing testing. As a tradeoff, the PhoeniX is not capable of providing full assistance while climbing stairs. Initially, the device will be available only to rehabilitation centers until regulatory approval is acquired. 

The PhoeniX is being developed by SuitX

The main design goal for the SuitX is to be the least expensive of the powered gait rehabilitation exoskeletons. The PhoeniX sports a lightweight design, further simplified by having actuation only at the hips.  This brings the cost and weight down.  The exoskeleton knee component locks in place while standing or bearing weight and unlocks during the leg swing phase. The exoskeleton is also compatible with traditional orthotic devices.  You can use your own orthotic and just add actuation at the hips.


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