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petWALK presents the world's first fully connected high end pet doors with a modular and flexible hard- and software design.

This way, you can always adapt the petWALK door to the latest technologies and most important - your needs.

A little box connects every petWALK door to the Internet and opens up groundbreaking new possibilities for you!

Lay back and enjoy your freedom! All you need to own is a smart petWALK pet door and of course the personal voice assistant.

Those who already have a petWALK door in use will appreciate the modularity of petWALK: upgrading is easily possible as this new feature can be added on to any petWALK door in use!

Experience petWALK in action: the function, the design and the technology explained in 90 seconds. Click to start the image for the commercial.


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The best thing is you don’t need to give special training to your pets to use the door

It looks like an ordinary pet door, allowing your pets to gradually adapt to the newly-found freedom. It is available in different sizes and colors. The door can be plugged into the power socket, however, the onboard battery backup ensures your pet is not stuck outside during bad weather conditions during the power failure. petWAlk will soon integrate smart features like Alexa and Nest-compatibility in coming days.

petWALK at a glance:

- Tamperproof with built-in alarm system .

- Safe and secure with RFID technology.

- Fully automatic.

- Thermal insulated.

- Rain sensor to prevent dirty paws in the house .

- Contactless access control system.

The external RFID Antenna allows unhindered and fast detection of your pet‘s RFID chip

As your pet approaches petWALK Access, the RFID chip is read and the door opening release is wirelessly sent to the petWALK door.Use cloud cams like the Nest Cam Outdoor as intelligent video intercom, which allows you to monitor activity in front of the petWALK pet door and either open it or activate the intruder alarm.Use your petWALK pet door as a secure parcel delivery station and get notified when a new parcel gets delivered.

Use Amazon Alexa 

Use a remote, your mobile, a web browser or smart home devices like Amazon Alexa to control your door from anywhere. Opening, closing and all the settings are just a tap away. Configurable alerts keep informed about all important events and a timeline informs about what was going on during the day. 

It allows you to easily control and configure your door from any location on the planet and enables integration with other cloud based services and devices like surveillance cams and extension of door features with additional modules like the external petWALK RFID Access Module.


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