Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic cat Toy

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• Mousr is the only toy designed from the wheels up to play the way your cat wants.

• Mousr's variety of tail attachments means he's customizable to match just about any cat's play style.

• With a switch of his tail, it'll be like your cat is meeting Mousr for the very first time! Compatible iOS or Android device required.

• See FAQ for more. Named best new cat product of 2018 by the American Pet Products Association. Senses and reacts to your cat automatically.

• Choose from 3 unique automatic play strategies. Customize automatic play to your cats personality.

• Connect with your smartphone to remote control. Driver assist gets Mousr free when stuck. Custom high quality gearbox.

• Highly durable can stand up to even the toughest cats. Works on any common household surface including high pile carpet.


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Mousr knows when he's caught and can be set to play dead or struggle

Not just a remote control toy, Mousr features 3 automatic play strategies, including Open Wander, Wall Hugger, and Stationary. Choose the game that best fits your cat's mood and then further configure to their personality with speed and aggressiveness settings. 

Mousr can even flip himself when he's upside down, so the action never stops

Mousr features free software updates so his automatic play styles keep getting better.You don't have to be an expert driver to drive your cat crazy. Whether you're looking for a casual experience or are an expert remote control car driver, Mousr can be configured to suit your needs.

Use sound to attract your cat or find Mousr when he is hidden

Our unique controller lets you know which direction Mousr is facing, so you can play the creative hiding games cats love and escape even when Mousr is out of sight.Mousr flips, crashes, and keeps on going. Mousr stands up to even the toughest cats (yes even big cats like Maine Coons and Savannahs). 

You can even turn off sound on the home screen to make Mousr more approachable for timid cats

Mousr's big wheels mean he works on all common household surfaces including high pile carpet. Mousr can take floor transitions with ease. Mousr features an internal 220mAh battery to keep him lightweight for cats and convenient for you. Mousr features a variety of string and bounce tails so you can customize to your cat's personality and keep things fresh.


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