Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

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• TREAT YOUR PET REMOTELY: Fling treats at varying distances or schedule automatic treating from the Petcube App. Compatible with a variety of dry, crunchy dog and cat treats. Up to 2lbs treat capacity. Wellness dog treats are included.

• MONITOR 24/7 FROM YOUR PHONE: With Petcube Bites Wi-Fi pet cam, check on your pet day or night with clear 1080p HD video, 138° wide angle view, and night vision. See up close with 3x zoom. Get sound and motion alerts.

• CHAT WITH YOUR PET: With two-way audio you can speak to your pets and hear them bark or meow back. Tell them you love them from anywhere.

• FREE CLOUD VIDEO STORAGE: Rewind and replay the last 4 hours of video history recorded with no subscription required. Go back and see what you missed while you were gone. For multi-day 24/7 video history with pet care savings, Petcube Care subscriptions are available.

• CONNECTIVITY REQUIREMENTS: 2.4GHz WiFi, iOS 9.3 and higher or Android 5.1 and higher. Compatible with Alexa.

• AMAZON DASH REPLENISHMENT ENABLED: With Dash Replenishment, Petcube Bites will automatically reorder more treats when your dispenser is running low.


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Petcube Bites Treat Camera

From the app on your phone, see your pet in clear HD and night vision, fling treats, say hello using two-way talk, and get motion and sound alerts. Have peace of mind that your furkid & home are safe. Stylish and durable, this cam will look good in any interior, comes with a high capacity two-pound container. Also works with Amazon Alexa. Just ask Alexa to treat your pet, go hands-free. Free basic video cloud storage plan is included. Tasty and healthy Wellness brand Dog Treats are included.

Monitor & Fling Treats Remotely

Toss treats from your smartphone varying distances - up to 6 feet. From the Petcube App, fling treats Angry-Birds style, or schedule automatic custom treat dispensing. Receive a notification when your device is running low on treats. Wellness dog treats are included with each purchase. Petcube Bites treat cam is compatible with a variety of treat brands. Use crunchy treats with dimensions of 1” or less. Custom in-app setting to small or large treats.

Monitor with 1080p HD video & night vision

Stream in 1080p HD video with a 138° wide angle view to always know what your dog or cat are up to. With 3x digital zoom no detail will escape you, day or night. In low light and no-light conditions, see things clearly with the night vision feature and be sure your pet is safe. Caught them doing something cute or funny? Live stream straight to Facebook (iOS only) or easily save videoclips from your timeline to share with friends and family.

Hear & speak with two-way audio

Say hello to your pet anytime, anywhere. Petcube Bites pet cam has both the speaker and the microphone. Chat with your pets if are distressed or acting naughty, soothe them or prevent destructive behavior. Or simply remind them that you love them.

Automatic Treat Reordering

We have partnered with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), so you never run out of treats! Petcube Bites treat camera has built-in sensors to monitor treat supply. When it runs low, you’ll receive an app notification, so you can instantly reorder treats via the Petcube App. Petcube users are not required to enable DRS. Enjoy a sample of Wellness treats that comes with Petcube Bites.

Petcube Bites is the most innovative Wi-Fi pet camera with treat dispenser

It lets you see, talk, toss treats, and reward your pet remotely. From the app on your phone, monitor your cat or dog in clear 1080p HD video and night vision, toss treats Angry Birds-style, say hello using 2-way audio, and get motion and sound alerts to make sure your pet and home are safe. Petcube Bites is the only treat camera that is Alexa and DRS enabled, so you can go hands free and never run out of treats to play with your pet.

Peace of mind with 24/7 video recording & alerts

Get notified of major disturbances at home. Triggered by sound and motion notification, video clips will be recorded to the interactive timeline in your app. You can replay up to 4 hours of the activity on the video timeline, download or share videos instantly.

Easy Maintenance

Simply open the container lid to load treats. Use crunchy treats with dimensions of 1” or less, uniform in size and shape (ideally spherical). The detachable treat container is dishwasher safe (up to 130°F), or you can wash it by hands.

Works with Alexa

Petcube Bites is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Go hands-free! Just ask Alexa to treat your pet and even reorder treats. To activate: download the Petcube Skill for Alexa.

Family Sharing feature

Want your friends or family to be able to check in with your four-legged friends? No problem! Just be sure to add in their Petcube app usernames into your settings and they’ll be able to access your camera whenever they like.


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