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About the product

- Monitor Activity level of your pets during the  24/7.

- Set daily activity and health goals based on breed, age, height and weight.

- Catch early signs of illness & discomfort.

- Available for Download: Android 5.0 above and iOS 10.0 above.

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While there are an endless number of tools that help their human companions stay fit and healthy, far fewer tools exist that do so for dogs

PETBLE Smart Tag not only helps dogs stay fit, but also helps capture daily activity information so pet owners can stay informed about the health of their pets.  Sync Connect Smart Tag to your smartphone via Bluetooth and stay in pets health and analyzes consumption record and Set goals with pet daily, and activity trends over interfaces. We work a team of best for keeping pet PETBLE supports devices, multi-pet and products to help your pets happy. 

User-friendly interfaces

We work with a team of dedicated veterinarians to ensure the best design features for keeping your pet healthy. PETBLE supports multiple smart devices, multi-pet identification and tracking, working with a complete line of smart products to help keep your pets happy and healthy.


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