Pet Intelligent 3D Charging Massager

About the product

- 3D massage head, 76 contact points, more comfortable, powerful massage.

- Skin-friendly material, comfortable grip, silicone massage head.

 - Slow, fast and reverse, 3 massage methods just need one button to switch.

- Continuous operation for 2 hours after full charge.

- 3 massage methods just need one button to switch

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It is easy to use 

Pressing the switch once is in slow mode, twice in fast mode, three times in reverse mode, and holding for 3 seconds to turn it off. You don't even need any instruction. Just like humans, pets enjoy massage. Latest 3D massager can provide comfortable massage service for your pets. 

It's comfortable and safe

Pets love to be stroked by their hosts. And 3D massager can do it better. With 4 detachable silicone massage heads and 76 massage contacts, it can imitate massage movements such as grasping, pinching and kneading. This is more professional and effective than ordinary people's touch.

Relax  pet’s

This massager can help increase your pet’s circulation and relax tense muscles which commonly caused by fears of thunder and lightning storms, fireworks or other loud noises. Designed to target troublesome spots in your head, neck, lower- & upper-back and shoulders,you can feel it immediately.

Item Weight

370 g

Product Dimensions 

103 x 103 x 139 cm
Silicone massage head, plastic


Lithium - ion

Rated Power

5 W

Rated Voltage

Battery life
2 hours
Charging time
3 hour
USB charging is easy to carry, it is suitable for pet and body massage


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