Parrot Jumping Night

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- Agile and lightweight Jumping Night with embedded VGA mini camera.

- Sends photos and videos directly to your smartphone or tablet.

- Microphone and speaker capture and broadcast audio.

- Equipped with two LED lights for exploring in the dark.

- Leaps up to 2.5 feet in the air and always lands on its wheels.

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Program a sequence of acrobatic moves, sounds and lights using the Road Plan feature

Once you’ve got everything in place, your sequence saves to the FreeFlight app for later use. In Open Wheel Mode, your wheels remain extended so you can drive as fast as you want without compromising stability. In Retracted Wheel Mode, bring your wheels in to enhance your agility as you maneuver through narrow areas. Piloting your MiniDrone is simple with FreeFlight 3. Download the free app to your smartphone or tablet and get instant access to in-flight tricks and maneuvers. 

Take photos during your ride and view them later with friends and family

FreeFlight 3 is available in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Meet the Jumping Night MiniDrone from Parrot! Agile and lightweight, it leaps and dashes through the dark with an embedded VGA (480X640) mini camera that sends photos and videos directly to your smartphone or tablet. Your MiniDrone offers three modes to help you customize your adventure.

In Jumper Mode, it leaps up to 2.5 feet and still lands wheels first

In Kicker Mode, your MiniDrone uses springs to push objects out of its path. In Auto-Balance Mode, your MiniDrone remains perfectly balanced on both wheels.Before driving, be sure to update your Jumping Night's software and fully charge its battery. Flip on the two powerful LED lights to explore obscure corners and to create memorable light shows.

For double the ride time and twice the fun, pick up an extra battery with your purchase

Go on fast moving, around-the-clock adventures with your second-generation Parrot Jumping Night MiniDrone. Fast, energetic and ultra-stable, this MiniDrone rolls, zig zags and leaps up to 2.5 feet in the area. Program sound and light choreography to create a show for your friends and family. Download the Freeflight 3 app to live stream your video experience on your smartphone or tablet’s piloting screen.


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