Ovie Smarterware

About the product

- The world’s first smart food storage system.

- Ovie will revolutionize your fridge.

- Waterproof, it has a light ring to help you  know the state of your food.

- Your tag lights up and your food gets logged into your Ovie app.

- Can see what you have from anywhere, the perfect set for family.

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Meet Smarterware

Smarterware is made up of SmartTags & accessories that fit together so you can tag just about anything. Containers for storing leftovers, Clips for closing bags and a Universal Connect that can be put onto everything from cardboard to glass. With Smarterware, you can tag the foods you love (or often lose track of) so you remember to eat them.

Smart Notification

The light ring on the SmartTag moves from green to yellow to red as your food sits in the fridge. When it gets to yellow, you'll get a notification that delivers suggestions on how to use your food.

Fridge Overview

Foods that are being tracked in real life are being tracked in the app. You can make changes to how long you’re storing your food in here and it will update the tag in your fridge

Recipe Search

Recipes provided by outside recipe database will allow you to search what you’re craving and filter results by the foods in your fridge- starting with the ones in the yellow.

Open your fridge and know exactly what to eat

Anyone who opens your fridge will see the SmartTags glowing green, yellow, or (hopefully not!) red, making family meal planning a breeze. You’ll never have to wonder what foods should get priority and what ones you shouldn’t eat.

Get notified at the right time 

Notifications sent to your phone will help you know all of the food in your fridge that needs to be checked. Ovie only sends notifications to your phone once a day and only at the time you choose, so no information overload.

Eat more home cooked meals

About 50% of meals are eaten outside of the home. This wastes money and isn’t as healthy as eating home cooked meals. We get it--life is busy, and making dinner can be challenging. But for most of us, dinner is already in the fridge. With timely left-over reminders and inspiring recipe suggestions, Ovie helps you find it.

Product Dimensions SmartTag 
0.375 x 1.25 inches (0.95 x 3.2 cm)
Bluetooth low energy
Micro piezo speaker
Battery life
12-months minimum
RGB LED array
Product Dimensions Ovie Hub
3.48 x 1.71 x 1.38 inches (8.8 x 4.3 x 3.5 cm)
Wi Fi to Bluetooth low energy
LED power indicator
Power120 v


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