Olympus Pen E-PL8

About the product

- Premium PEN design: simple and refined.

- Enhanced touch screen controls.

- Premium PEN design: simple and refined.

- Olympus PEN E-PL8 Camera Black ED 14-42 mm M.Zuiko EZ. 

- The modern design merges easy functionality with classic curves.

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Searching for inspiration?

Make the new OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 your personal muse. In a stylish shade of classy colours, this digital camera is going to be the IT Piece of the year! The modern design merges easy functionality with classic curves and leather tone surfaces with contrasting high quality metal that make the E-PL8 shine just like you. Straps from Fashion Accessory Collection that match the body colour will make this professional camera an accessory you will adore and others will desire.

We all love selfies! 

But as anyone who ever tried to take a good one knows: selfies are an art form in themselves and difficult to get right. With the new OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 your self-portrait looks great the moment you press the shutter button for the first time. Fold down the touch screen and the mirrorless camera automatically switches into selfie mode. Even taking a photo of your entire outfit is easier than ever. 

Inspire your creativity 

With the OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 you can live your passion for capturing and sharing life’s magical moments. Several PEN Posts show you how. Allow the varied Art Filters to inspire your creativity and infuse your images with a distinctive mood. Seeing the effects of the Art Filters in live view makes choosing the right one easier than ever before.

Move it

Sometimes a simple photo says more than a thousand words. And sometimes a short video says more than a thousand photos. There will always be moments or events that need animation to come alive. Thanks to the added movie clip function, you can film in HD, combine multiple short movie clips, add music if you like and share the combined movie via your smartphone.

Share beautifully

Extraordinary moments become even more enjoyable when we can share them with others. That’s why this OLYMPUS PEN camera comes with built-in WiFi and the OLYMPUS Image Share app allowing you to share your passions with friends and followers whenever and wherever you want. The high-quality images will take your Facebook profile and Instagram account to a stunning new level.

Item Weight

326 g 

Product Dimensions 

11.7 x 3.8 x 6.8 cm


Black, White, Brown
Optical Sensor Resolution
16 megapixels
Optical Zoom
SD Memory Card
Screen size
1.73 x 1.3 cm
Monitor type
3.0 inch (7.6 cm) tilting electrostatic type touch panel
Metering range
EV -2 - 20 (using 17mm F2.8, ISO 100)
Colour Ring 
18 colour selectable
Update interval time
0.5 sec - 60 sec
BLS-50 Li-ion battery
Battery Life 
Approx. 90 minutes 
0 ~ +40°C (when in operation)


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