Ola i3 Electronic door locks

About product


1. Small size and light weight is easy to install.

2. Aluminum and zinc alloy locking panel.

3. Unlock via fingerprint + password + emergency key (outside).

4. Support both IOS / Android phone remote control app via Bluetooth.

5. Integrated with fingerprint and password on one panel.

6. 4 pieces AAA battery powered by internal lock panel, no charge hole.

7. Free Unlock App.

8. Can you share a temporary unlock key to your friend even you are not at home.


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Small and versatile shape thanks to the new integrated handle design.Fingerprint placed on the handle with Halo ring status indicator. The four-cell 7-cell battery is built into the indoor handle and features a magnetic structure for easy battery replacement.

The integrated handle saves space for the entire lock panel design, making the Ola i3 panel only 15 mm thick, only three-fifths of a dollar coin. The Ola i3 is equipped with a living fingerprint recognition module and the fingerprint recognition position is designed on the handle.

The combination of unlocking and opening the door is achieved, and the one-step opening is truly realized.The Halo ring indicator can indicate the status of the fingerprint by color change.It can also be used for lighting at night. The slim panel allows the Ola i3 to be fitted with more door types.


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