Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock

About the product

- World’s first keyless and phoneless Bluetooth enabled fingerprint smart lock.

- The fastest operation and the longest battery life.

- Register your fingerprint directly on the handle, and then forget about your keys.

- Ola is the first smart lock to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

- Ola has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the door handle.

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Ola Smart Lock is designed to change the market of keyless door locks. It’s the very first Bluetooth-enabled door lock that offers a keyless and a phoneless way to enter your home. It has the following features: Ola works through a CMOS fingerprint sensor called It can read prints from either a wet or dry finger.

It can scan your fingerprint in less than a second.Ola is conveniently designed. The scanner is placed on the part of the door handle where you naturally rest your thumb.It is powered by 4 AA batteries.Typically, these batteries can last for two years. You’ll be able to open your door 30,000 times before the batteries run out.To replace them, you only need to remove Ola’s back casing. You don’t need to take the entire device out. Ola also has backup 4 AAA batteries which you can activate with a single push of a button.

These backup batteries can last up to five years.In total, Ola has a 7-year battery life. In case you can’t buy battery replacements right away, there’s a micro USB port which you can use to plug Ola directly to an external power source. Aside from fingerprints, you can also manage your Ola through Bluetooth connectivity.It does not rely on Wi-Fi.

You can access your door even without an internet connection or if there’s power interruption. Ola can remember around 1,700 fingerprint patterns.It is water resistant but not entirely waterproof. Leaving the unit submerged in water for a certain period of time can potentially damage its electrical components.


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