Notion Smart Home Monitoring

About the product

- Notion monitors your home and sends you notifications if something happens.

- Protect your home against expensive accidents even when you're not home.

- Just peel and stick, set up takes 15 minutes or less.

- Notion's AAA batteries will last up to two years.

- A bridge is required for your phone to receive alerts from your sensors.

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Protect what you love most

Notion is a small sensor that you can install around your home to get alerts for opening doors, water leaks, temperature changes or smoke alarms. Connect with a plumber the moment there's an issue. Powered by HomeAdvisor's network of prescreened service providers, instantly connect with a qualified plumber when Notion detects a water leak, right from the Notion app.

Prevent water damage

If a notion sensor gets wet from a leaky hot water heater, appliance or toilet, it will alert you so you can shut off the water supply, clean up the mess and avoid a costly basement or bathroom remodel. If a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off when you're not home to hear it, Notion will alert you to take immediate action.


Just peel and stick! Set up takes 15 minutes or less. Download the Notion app and follow the step-by-step instructions to place sensors throughout your home - that's it. Notion's AAA batteries will last up to two years. We'll let you know when it's time to swap them out and they're easy to replace. As your needs change, it’s easy to adjust what Notion can do for you.

No Contracts or Monthly Fees

Unlike traditional home security systems that require complicated installation, monthly fees, and a 2-year contract, Notion's app and alerts are completely free. Plus, you may be eligible for a DIY home monitoring discount on your home owner's insurance when you install Notion.

Get in touch with your provider to learn more. Our mobile app for iOS or Android is easy to install and makes it a snap to set up your bridge and sensors. Setting up a Notion system takes most users 15 minutes or less.


The bridge connects to your WiFi and serves as your home's personal message courier. A bridge is required for your phone to receive alerts from your sensors. Connect everything in your home, view statuses, change settings and receive updates, all in one place. Personalize alerts so you're notified only when it matters to you. We’ll let you know the moment something happens so you can take action when something isn’t quite right.

Monitor your valuables

If the gun safe or liquor cabinet is opened when it shouldn't be, Notion will let you know so you can keep kids and guests out of harm’s way. By connecting your Nest Learning Thermostat to Notion, home comfort goes beyond the wall where your thermostat is located. If your home temperature gets too hot or cold, Notion will prompt you to adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature for the baby or turn on the heat before a pipe freezes.


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