Ninebot S

About the product

- Ninebot S is compact, weighting just 28 lbs with a max load of 220 lbs.

- Smart BMS provides reliable battery performance.

- IP54 waterproof protection ensures operation in various weather conditions.

- Thanks to the dual 400W motors, it can easily reach a max speed of 10 mph.

- Operating temperature: 14-104°F (-10-40°C).

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Ninebot S

Your Personal Self Balancing Transporter - White model now availabe in the US! Go places on your Ninebot S - have fun in style. Built for practical last mile transportation and entertainment mobility, the Ninebot S gets you to your destination while you enjoy and experience the moment. Easy-to-learn and the user friendly knee control bar design also makes it the top pick for kids and adults alike. Just step on and you can master it in just minutes. Add your Ninebot S and experience for yourself why this is the most popular choice by riders all across the world.


Easy to Learn, Safe to Ride

The Rider Tutorial from the Segway-Ninebot App provides step-by-step training, which is easy for everyone. For your safety, the Ninebot S will limit the max. speed to 4.3 mph until you complete the Rider Tutorial. For first 0.6 miles after completing the Rider Tutorial, the max speed will be limited to 6.2 mph, after which you can disable the speed limiter via the App and reach a maximum speed of 10 mph.


Lightweight & Portable

By using light but durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, the Ninebot S is compact and only weights 28 lbs with a max. payload of 220 lbs. Thanks to the knee control bar, the Ninebot S can be easily lifted up and stored in a car trunk. The knee control bar can also be quickly detached to make Ninebot S fit into small spaces in a pinch.


Powerful Motors & Intelligent BMS

Thanks to the powerful dual 400W motors, the Ninebot S can easily reach the max. speed of 10 mph. A single fully charged battery can run up to 13.7 miles, climbing a max. slope of 15°. Smart Battery Management System reports real time status of voltage, current, temperature and usage as well as queries and tracking of the battery's status and potential faults, which substantially improves ride safety and comfort.


Adjustable LED Lights

Considering the potential danger while driving in a dark environment, headlight and LED taillight are installed and the system changes brightness based on ambient light. The headlight can illuminate the road 5 meters ahead. Even cooler, you can choose your own taillight color from the 16,000,000 colors store in the Segway-Ninebot App.Anti-theft function, speed limit and adjustment, vehicle self-diagnose, adjustable ambient lights, firmware upgrade, vehicle remote control and more.

Length x width
260x548 (mm)
595 (mm)
88-220 lbs (40-100 kg )
Net weight

Approx. 28 lbs (12.8 kg)

16 - 50 years
Maximum slope
Approx. 15°
Operating temperature
14-104°F (-10-40°C)
Storage temperature
-4-122° F (-20-50°C)
Maximum continuous discharge power
Compatible with
Android 4.3; iOS 8.0 or later
Maximum power
800x2 W
Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth 4.2


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