Ninebot One S1

About the product

- Segway pioneers the electric one-wheel vehicle landscape.

- High-speed CPU, and a precise gyroscope to create limitless riding possibilities.

- Once mastered, the One S1 can take you to new horizons.

- Use the app to activate Carry Mode to keep the wheel from spinning.

- Pop it in your trunk and you're all set, go places without boundaries.

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The most original monowheel

Ninebot One S2 is a smart, organic and high-quality monowheel, which is not afraid of complicated weather conditions. Ninebot One is the embodiment of reliability and the most striking and original design solutions. And thanks to the long-term experience of the developer, the Ninebot One S2 is also one of the safest monocolos among many analogues.


Unique design and dazzling light effects

Original appearance - a distinctive feature of the Ninebot One S2, which is striking at first glance. The rider has the ability to customize the design of the wheel to your liking - from high-quality graphic drawings on the surface of the cover to a variety of lighting options. Moreover, you can build your own backlight modes through the application with a variety of methods of color transfusion. Mysterious flicker of bright backlighting is the real music of color that will accompany you throughout the trip, attracting the views of others.


True, high quality and reliable

The Ninebot One S2 is sealed and IP54 weather resistant. Thanks to the protection device is not afraid to drive through dust or puddles, even in the rain. The wheel is able to overcome the inclination of the surface of 15 °, and in good faith will take you on gravel, small irregularities of the soil and even grass. Just imagine how magically the iridescent blink of Ninebot One S2 will look magical, and especially in the evening hours of the day!



Smart Batteries and Intelligent Charge Management System (BMS)

Ninebot One S2 is equipped with two batteries on both sides of the monowheel. A unique feature of the device is that after removing one of the batteries, the Ninebot One S2 continues to work. Intelligent charge control (BMS) is able to monitor the status of each cell, ensuring stable operation of the device. And also minimizing the probability of failure. This feature works in conjunction with the power off mode.


The engine Ninebot One - powerful and productive

The output power of the device can reach 500 watts. At the same time, the Ninebot One S2 is compact and portable. It can be brought with you to the transport compartment or transported in the trunk of a car. Ninebot One S2 is a true, reliable and convenient friend who will bring you a lot of pleasant impressions. And, most importantly, it fully works on your style!



The Ninebot One S1 by Segway pioneers the electric one-wheel vehicle landscape

It incorporates innovative, exciting, fun riding experiences. One S1 is powered by a Segway mobility, a high-speed CPU, and a high-speed CPU. The maximum speed of the device with one battery is 24 km / h. At the same time reducing the battery level automatically leads to a speed limit. The monowheel can run up to 30 km on a single charge, depending on the type of surface, rider weight and other conditions. Wheel weight - 11.4 kg.


Device type
Wheel diameter
14 inches
Device weight
11.4 kg
Brake system
Model color 
Permissible load
120 kg
Maximum speed
Up to 24 km / h
Motor power
500 W
Lifting angle
15 °
Power reserve
Up to 30 km
Battery capacity
359 W / h
Charging time up to
2.5 hours


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