Netvue Belle A.I. Doorbell

About the product

- See real-time monitoring videos of your front door in HD day and night.

- Distributes the visiting requests to respective family members.

- Have everything recorded continuously on the cloud for up to 7 days.

- Remembers and recognizes faces like a doorman.

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The first doorbell that capable of facial recognition

An intelligent assistant with different personalities that can speak to your visitors, handle your package delivery and scheduled visitors. Belle can remember the faces and call out their name on their next visit. Greet your guest on different holidays. When you are in a meeting or unavailable for ring call, a preset quick response will be sent to your visitor with just one click through the app. Right now, Belle has three options for quick responses. More is coming up, stay tuned!

With the customizable motion zoom and motion sensitivity, only get notifications of what you care

Motion alerts can be sent by push notification. Stay connected 24/7 to your home. A sharp live video for you to check in on free mobile app. Share live view access to your family or friends without giving out a password. Replay motion event clips and ring call video. Record fun moments on your phone.  Netvue X can tell where the delivery man to leave the package or open the door for a scheduled visitor.

Get a live video through the Netvue app at day and night

Belle’s impressive infrared LEDs allow you to see everything clearly even at dark. Never miss what is happening at your front door. Belle’s built-in high quality mic and speaker let you talk to your visitor or delivery man even when you are away from home. Or scare off an unknown suspicious person who is wandering around your front door. Get notified when someone approaches your front door.

Simply ask Alexa to show you what your doorbell sees

Cloud features such as alert notification and motion triggered snapshot are included in the basic plan. The paid premium plan allows users to record and store up to 14 days of continuous video, ring call videos and voice message. You can replay them on your phone at any time. Compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices like Echo Show, Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV. Or ask Alexa to tell you whether the doorbell has detected any motion event. 

Frustrated by the unadjustable overexposed area which you are trying to see clearly and missed important information?

Belle’s dynamic exposure feature helps you easily solve this issue by automatically balancing the exposure level when you tap the area you want to see.Share your camera’s live view with your friends and families without giving out the password.

Shared users can only watch the live video but has no access to doorbell’s settings

No more hassle of creating different accounts. Or share fun moments with friends by uploading pictures to social media through the Netvue app.


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