Netatmo Weather Station

About the product

- Made for iPhone Weather Station access to its sensors from anywhere.

- Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and sound meter.

- Real time Notifications & Graphs for data history.

- Connect multiple Stations to your iPhone.

- Lifetime free personal account for your data.

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Personal Weather Station

The unique, made for iPhone and Android personal Weather Station, with air quality measurements, to monitor and track both your indoor and outdoor environments. We spend 80% of our time indoors, and yet indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. The Weather Station's Indoor Module also measures indoor temperature, humidity, or sound level and provides vital information to help you improve your life quality at home.

Netatmo Weather Station is now compatible with Amazon Alexa

Just say 'Alexa, ask Netatmo what’s the temperature outside' to decide if you should bike or drive to work. Or say 'Alexa, ask Netatmo how much it has been raining today' to know if you need to water your garden. Receive an alert on your smartphone when it rains in your garden.

And water your plants when they need it. The Netatmo Weather Station’s Outdoor Module gives you precise readings of the outdoor temperature, relative humidity, air quality and barometric pressure on your doorstep.

Extend your Netatmo Weather Station thanks to its accessories: Additional Indoor Module, Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge

The smart Weather Station features a unique set of sensors that let you track your indoor environment as well as the weather outside. Data on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and CO2 concentrations are sent to your smartphone seamlessly and wirelessly. Monitor and measure your environment and your weather any time, any place, intuitively and effortlessly, indoors and out.

We spend 90% of our time indoors

The Netatmo Weather Station CO2 sensor warns you when you need to air out your home. The Weather Station lets you monitor indoor air quality, obtain real-time information on official pollution levels and choose the best time to get outside.

Don’t be taken by surprise again! You have all the information you need to plan your outdoor activities based on the weather. Pull up your weather details any time, any place using your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or computer.


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