Nest × Yale Lock

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• When the Nest × Yale Lock is connected to the Nest app, you can unlock your door from your phone.

• Create passcodes for family, guests and people you trust.

• Get alerts whenever someone unlocks and locks the door.

• Check the status of your door and lock it from anywhere hands‑free with the Google Assistant.

• You can enter a passcode, use one‑touch locking, or lock it from the Nest app.


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Meet the Nest x Yale Lock:

Most locks are made for keys. This lock is made for the people. Lock and unlock with a passcode. Let someone in from anywhere using the Nest app. And always know who comes goes. Features: Keyless Deadbolt: It’s secure and tamper-proof. No lost keys.

No picked locks. Remote Access:

Lock and unlock the door with the Nest app. Without a key. Unique Passcodes: Give passcodes to family and guests. Set schedules to let them in. Access History: Get alerts when someone locks and unlocks the door. One-Touch Locking: Just tap to lock on your way out.


It can lock automatically when Nest knows you’re away. Works with the Nest Secure alarm system: Unlock the door, and the alarm disarms automatically .The Nest × Yale Lock connects to your Wi-Fi and the Nest app through Nest Connect or Nest Guard. You’ll need either one to lock and unlock your door remotely.


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