Google Nest Secure System

About the product

- Security base with built-in keypad, siren and motion sensor.

- The brain of the system that monitors all Nest detects.

- Arm and disarm with Nest Tag, passcode or the Nest app.

- Put one on your keychain and give one to someone you trust.

- With the free Nest app, you can arm and disarm from anywhere.

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Keep your home safe with the Secure Alarm System Starter Pack from Nest

This system features the Nest Secure Guard, which serves as the security base station. It is equipped with an 85 dB SPL siren to deter intruders. The Guard's built-in keypad is ideal for those who prefer to arm and disarm their system with a passcode. In addition, you could also arm and disarm your system with one of the included Nest Secure Tag devices, or via the free Nest app available for iOS and Android devices. The system supports up to 10 Tag devices, making it possible to give them to children, family members, and other loved ones. 

Quiet Open technology enables you to open a door while your home alarm is set without triggering it

In addition, the Pathlight feature will briefly illuminate the area when you walk past the Detect, and will turn off once you've walked away from it. This system is capable of Wi-Fi connectivity on both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Additionally, it is also Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible. This device can detect motion up to 15' away, and when a door or window opens and closes. When placed on a door it will detect both motion and when it opens or closes.

Meet the Nest Secure Alarm System

Unlike most security systems, Nest Secure is easy to live with every day. Arm and disarm your alarm however you like. If you forget to arm, you can get a Remind Me alert. Nest Detect sensors look out for doors, rooms and windows.

The built-in Google Assistant can help you manage tasks, get answers and control your home. With the free Nest app, you can check in anytime. And you’ll always know when something happens at home. Also included in the system are two Nest Secure Detect devices that are designed to be placed on a wall, window, or door.


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