Néit Luggage

About the product

- Néit is the World’s first Smart, Collapsible fully Hard-Shelled luggage.

- The built-in carabiner style handle allows for hung-storage in your closet. 

- 4 wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and fold-away into the base.

- Save space while travelling and in storage. 

- Case has GPS which is accessed through accompanying travel app. 

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Unique collapsing mechanism

Storing luggage takes up loads of space when you're not using it, especially when space is already tight. Néit’s unique collapsing mechanism saves you space and allows the case to reduce to ~30% of its original volume. Collapsing the case is simple, takes less than 10 seconds and can only be achieved when the case is unlocked and opened. Welcome to more efficient storage. Your space back for something more important.

Carabiner-style handle

Carabiner-style handle enables you to hang-store your luggage when not in use. No more rummaging around for your case when you can pull it straight of out of your closet. The carabiner-style handle also makes it easy to clip additional luggage/bags onto the case while you’re on the move.

Hard Case luggage 

The case is made from lightweight, yet durable Polycarbonate and features aircraft grade aluminium frame for additional structural protection and our collapsing mechanism. The perfect combination to protect your belongings while on the road...no more broken fragrance bottles in your luggage.

Inspired through nature

Néit's distinctive design was inspired through nature. We loosely based our design pattern on an armadillo's shell, one of nature's strongest natural armours. This has created an alluring design, unparalleled in the luggage industry today. Néit luggage are YKK's waterproof Aquaseal which are consistently used in top quality mountaineering equipment.

Let’s face it, 4 wheels beats 2

Take the strain out of walking with your luggage with our 4 revolving spinner wheels. When storing your case your wheels can be removed and/or placed into the base. This allows for a more efficient use of space - Packing multiple cases in your car becomes easier, as does storing your carry-on in an overhead locker.  

GPS product

GPS enabled product allows you to quickly locate your luggage anywhere in the world through our integrated travel app. Through the Néit travel app you can locate your case with our GPS tracker, store your boarding pass, book additional flights and hotels, check the status of your flight, map your route from airport to hotel and find out location specific tips on things-to-do at your destination.

Cabin Item Weight

3 kg
Polycarbonate and Aluminium
IOS, Andriod

Cabin Upright Dimensions

55 x 20 x 20 cm
Cabin Collapsed Dimensions
65 x 40 x 8 cm
Checked Item Weight
4.5 kg
Checked Upright Dimensions
75 x 45 x 30 cm
Checked Collapsed Dimensions
90 x 18 x 3 cm


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