Nebula Star Protective Box

About the product

- Portable safe protective box with high-strength aluminum alloy case.

- Biometric fingerprint scanning system, support fast unlocking.

- Offer more protections to your valuable, more safe and reliable.

- Support WIFI function, users can check the status of the portable safe box.

- Connect Portable safe box with Bluetooth.

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Safely store your valuables and bring them with you anywhere with the Nebula Star Portable Safe Box

This device offers infinite storage space and keeps your valuable belongings locked up until you want to access them. Lightweight and portable, with the latest NB-IOT, you can track the safe anywhere and everywhere. Unlike GPS, NB-IOT fully covers outdoor, indoor, and underground, and its range is 100 times wider than GPRS. Triple protections includes: Motion alarm system with buzzing sound, and send notification to your phone; With security cable & lock, STAR will not be stolen in a short time, gain time for you to take action; Even if it is stolen, NB-IOT tracking feature can help you find out the exact location.

The STAR app connects via both Bluetooth and WLAN to allowing you to remotely unlock the safe

We have employed a sophisticated encryption algorithm to ensure the communication between your phone and the STAR safe are completely secure. You are able to add/remove fingerprints, track safe usage, adjust the color of the LED band and many more. The STAR app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can track it down with its exact location. With the Nebula Star Safe Box, there is never a worst-case scenario. Whether you use it for business or professional purposes, or at school, at the gym, or at home, it always offers an ultra-safe peace of mind.

You can track it down with its exact location no matter where it goes

 Download the app, register your device and add fingerprints to ensure that you are the only one with access. In addition, the app connects via Bluetooth or WLAN, enabling you to unlock the safe remotely. Likewise, you can use the app to track safe usage, add or remove fingerprints, change the LED band color and more. The Nebula Star is tough and durable, featuring high strength aircraft aluminum alloy that can withstand over 24,000PSI. It’s even been tested to handle the weight of a car driving over it.


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