Natural Gas Detector

About the product

- Gas detector can real time monitor and show the gas concentration.

- The gas detector is mainly used to detect natural gas,liquefied gas.

- Sleep mode save power to make backup battery standby 4~6 hours.

- Plug-In design makes it super easy and convenient to install.

-Double-sided PCB, this detector is anti-mildew, anti-pest, and anti-corrosive.

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Press and hold the lighter switch to deflate the gas inlet of the gas

This Gas leak  detector is designed to detect explosive gases(natural gas and LPG) in the air for houses, offices and similar places etc. It is an electrical alarm apparatus that is located in a fixed place that works constantly that can give out a visual and audible alarm.

The gas stove may not lit at the moment when it is turned on, then some gas leaks out and the gas is added with "odorant", so the taste is very heavy, but the uniform concentration of the leaked gas is far from the alarm standard.

Home Safety

Never again FORGET to leave the stove on with this new, innovative, combustible gas alarm with continuous monitoring. Protect your family from suffocation dangers and your home from explosive hazards with this device.

Detection levels ranges from 0% to 20% of LEL for multiple combustible gases including methane, propane, butane, coal gas, town gas, LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas, LNG Liquid Natural Gas. 85db sound "di, di, d....." alarm and flashing light will be triggered immediately once over 5% LEL gas leakage be detected.

You may clean exterior surface of the apparatus, unplug the device before cleaning

You may use a wet duster to clean exterior surface of the apparatus. Never use chemical substances such as spray, polish, detergent etc. The user shall not perform any repairing. Due to the different gas densities, the installation position will be different, please refer to the instructions.Warming Tip: It takes about one minutes to enter the warm-up state after power on. Please do not press any key during this period.

How to install?

Natural gas is comprised of methane gas that is lighter than air. In case of gas leakage; gas rises towards ceiling and accumulates in areas near ceiling. Therefore, for natural gas, the detector shall be located in a position of 30cm under the ceiling and 1.5-4 meter(s) away from gas supply.

LPG is comprised of mixture of propane and butane that is heavier than air. In case of gas leakage, LPG falls down to ground. Therefore, for LPG, the detector shall be located in a position of 30 cm above the floor and 1.5-4 meter(s) away from gas supply.


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