Nanrobot D5

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- Two independent 1000W motors control to the front and rear wheels.

- In drive mode, the motor can reach 2000W, charging time is  8-10 hours.

- Damping system adapts NANROBOT electric scooter sadapting to the roads.

- Front & rear disc brake system steady stop during emergency braking.

- The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel.

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NANROBOT D5+ Review – Quick Look

The Nanrobot D5+ is a well made and well designed electric scooter. It is capable of carrying a rider weighing up to 330lbs which shows just how swell built this scooter is. It features two independent electric motors, one for each wheel, which can propel it up to a top speed of 40mph. 


Include the right number of  features

This super fast electric scooter manages to include just the right number of gadgets and features. Front and rear disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power while the controls are well set out on the handlebars. Folds down easily to offer easy transportation and storage. Comes with a remote activated alarm for added security and peace of mind.


LED lights

It features bright front and rear LED lights. These are a fantastic for anyone wanting to ride at night. Not only do they help light your way, they make sure that you are visible for extra safety. To make things easy when it comes to storing, transporting, or carrying the Nanrobot D5+, it folds down easily in a matter of seconds.


Two Powerful 1000w Electric Motors

This Nanrobot D5+ scooter is driven by two powerful 1000w electric hub motors. One is located in the front wheel and one in the rear. This gives the Nanrobot D5+ all-wheel-drive capabilities. It also gives a total power of 2000 watts. The rider has the ability to engage both electric motors or run on just one.


Performance and Range

Because the Nanrobot D5+ is an electric scooter with two power motors it certainly does not hang around reaching its top speed. To give you a fright the first time you pull the throttle and reach 40mph. Fitted with a high capacity 26aH/52 volt lithium battery the Nanrobot D5+ has an amazingly impressive range between charges.

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting to buy one of the fastest electric scooters available the Nanrobot D5+ is a fantastic choice. With a top speed of 40mph and a range of 50 miles there are only a handful of electric scooters that can even dream of competing. It folds down for easy storage and transportation in your car and even features an alarm which is something you do not often see on electric scooters.

70 lbs 
49" x 10" x 45" 
Max Load
330 lbs 
52 V 26 Ah 
Top Speed
 40 mph 
Longest Range
50 miles 
Max Climbing Ability


Charger Time
5-8 hours


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