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- The first appliance that grows food 100% automatically.

- Fill its tray with water, insert a Plant Pad and wait for your produce to be ready.

- Once you close the glass door, you won't have to open it until you harvest.

- Enjoy the fresh-picked taste of your homegrown produce.

- Built of extremely durable materials: steel, glass, and solid bamboo.

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Home-grown produce with none of the work

The nanofarm is made for people who don't have the time or don't have the space for a garden. Up to four Nanofarms can be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to grow a constant supply of greens in just a single square foot of floor space. The marriage of white powder-coated steel and solid bamboo looks great in any kitchen, living room, or anywhere in the home with a power outlet.

High-efficiency LEDs provide ample light for growing, while using less than $1 of electricity per month. The lighting module has a lifetime of 5 years, and can be easily replaced after that. A smoked glass door keeps the light contained in the enclosure, while giving you a beautiful view of your greens.

Self-sustaining farm

The Nanofarm is a hands-off, indoor-growing device that grows fresh produce year-round for those who don’t have the time or space to garden. The modular farm allows people with different needs to build their farm to their liking, whether that means only having one unit on the counter that grows herbs or putting together a whole wall of units to sustain an entire family.

LED lights, Plant Pads, and water trays come together to form this remarkable, self-sustaining farm. The Plant Pads are soil-free, pre-seeded paper and fabric pads that contain the nutrients needed for each plant, and each pad is seeded differently to accommodate the growing patterns of the particular plant.

The “harvest” light comes on when the plant is ready for consumption

The pads are placed on top of the water tray, where they wick up water as needed during the growing cycle, so that the owner of the farm doesn’t even need to worry about watering the produce. During harvesting time, the user can harvest their crops, wash the tray, grate, and splash guard (which are all dishwasher-friendly) and use new Plant Pads to get started on another batch.

The focus on simplicity in this new product cannot be understated. In other indoor-growing systems, the high-tech products often require pairing with an app to check progress or maintenance of a watering system with pumps. This Nanofarm only has two buttons: the weeks dial and the start button. You select the number of weeks for growing and press start.


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